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Carolina Newswire Press Release  2/12/10 and Prime Insurance Company partner to be the first in the world to offer actual divorce insurance

Insurance Journal  12/11/09 - Professor Says Divorce Insurance Possible But Others Won't Commit

Carolina Newswire Press Release  10/9/09 - SafeGuard Guaranty Adds Sebastian Pistritto as Marketing VP

InsWeb 9/3/09 - Divorce Insurance - Don't Tie the Knot Without It 9/1/09 - Marriage Insurance vs Poverty Ever After? 9/1/09 - Would You Buy Marriage Insurance?

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Carolina Newswire Press Release 8/12/09 - Financial Services pro Chad Masland joins Marriage Insurance company SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation Board of Advisors

Raleigh-Durham Business News 6/11/09 - SafeGuard Guaranty Appoints Thomas B. Mayo III as CFO

Carolina Newswire Press Release 11/3/08 - Hollywood film producer, author, marketing/technology consultant Gary Goldstein joins SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation Board of Advisors

Carolina Newswire Press Release 7/24/08 -Embrace Pet Insurance CEO, Laura Bennett, joins SafeGuard Guaranty Board of Directors

Newswire Today Press Release 5/19/08 - Richard Hecker joins SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation Board of Directors

Concurring Opinions 8/02/07 - Should You Buy Divorce Insurance?

Newswire Today Press Release 6/25/07 -Adryenn Ashley joins SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation Board of Directors

Business Benefits Solutions Network Article 5/23/07 - Is The Divorce Rate Really Declining?

Newswire Today Press Release 05/17/07 -SafeGuard Guaranty Names Ken Fries EVP of Distribution and Strategic Alliances

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PR Leap Article 9/14/06 - From the "Why Didn't I Think of That?" file: Divorce Insurance

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